3M DBI-SALA FlexiGuard M100 Modular Jib Lifting Ring Kit 8530914

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3M DBI-SALA FlexiGuard M100 Modular Jib Lifting Ring Kit 8530914

The M100 lifting ring kit can be attached to M100 counterweight base boxes, and enable boxes to be moved using overhead lifting equipment.

The 3M DBI SALA® Flexiguard Modular Jib System is a collection of modular components that can be configured in a multitude of ways to create highly portable and highly configurable overhead anchorage solutions. A combination of base and mast assemblies can be interchanged with a variety of accessories to custom tailor a solution for a specific application or environment. Significant measures were taken to create a design that maximized portability via a wide variety of transport methods. Many adjustable mast height options are paired with a variety of cantilever distances and user capacity ratings to meet unique and dynamic customer requirements.

  • Enables M100 counterweight box to be moved with overhead lifting equipment
  • Designed to enable easy system transport
  • Improves system mobility to help maximize usage in various locations
Product Type Modular Jib Accessories
Number of Users N/A
Width (inches) 3.4
Mounting Type N/A
Concrete Included N/A
Minimum Height (feet) 6.36 in
Maximum Height (feet) 6.36 in
Offset N/A
Weight Capacity N/A
System Type Lifting Ring Kit
Weight (lb) 5.1 lb.
Install Type Temporary/Portable

UPC: 00648250192993

3M ID: 70804542838

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