Desco Model 16 Pneumatic Needle Scaler

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Desco Model 16 Pneumatic Needle Scaler

The micro Needle Scaler is the perfect tool for jobs that are hard to get at or where production is necessary but with a delicate touch. This is the same tool as the one above, except it is less than half the weight. The micro Needle Scaler’s 29 - 2mm needles are ideal for wrought iron applications. Weighing just 4 pounds, it provides many advantages over heavier and bulkier Needle Scalers.

Needle Scalers

Desco Needle Scalers — or Needle Scalers — are designed with productivity, ergonomics and durability in mind. Desco Needle Scalers are offered in a variety of sizes and are all capable of being outfitted with dust collector attachments for use on flat surfaces, inside corners and pipe. When utilized with Desco critical filtration vacuums, our tools are suitable for applications involving lead abatement, silica dust mitigation and radioactive decontamination.


Needle Scalers excel at cleaning in and around obstacles where other tools are not effective.

Removing coatings Removing millscale & non-skid Cleaning castings
Removing rust & corrosion Cleaning angles and corners De-slagging welds


130.116 – Model 16 Needle Scaler 
130.216 – Model 16 Needle Scaler with dust shroud


Needles: 29 - 2mm needles
Weight: 4 lbs.
Length: 11.25 inches
Stroke: 5/8” @ 4000 BPM

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