Director Of Sales

Director Of Sales

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Are you a strategic sales professional who focuses on relationships and building trust using your high emotional intelligence? Do you patiently contest the status quo, encourage others to challenge themselves, and take initiative? If you are a trusting, self-motivated, humble leader who does the right thing even when nobody's watching, then we want to talk to you!

Our ideal Director of Sales is:

  • Creative - You bring ideas of your own to the table and are comfortable with being uncomfortable in a sales setting. You are a curious and active listener who will ask questions when you need to. Although you are ambitious and have high energy, you are approachable, flexible, open-minded, and relatable. An idea generator with an infectious energy and drive, you are passionate about taking the company to the next level. 
  • Strategic - You are analytical, proactive, and decisive, always thinking a few steps ahead. When it comes to business, you play chess rather than checkers, showcasing your critical thinking abilities and knack for numbers. You are a committed relationship “leaverager" who can create buy-in in others.
  • Solutions Oriented - You have good judgment, are not afraid to try something new, and act with a sense of urgency. You can confidently look at the long game, make smart decisions and see the impact of your actions. Your strong work ethic is reflected in your desire to dig in, make an impact, and know everything, and you will work tirelessly until the job is done.
  • A Leader – As the sales team’s coach and trainer, you inspire, motivate, set the pace for the day, and lead by example. You are trustworthy, act with a high level of integrity and professionalism, and take ownership and accountability for both failures and successes. Because you are a good listener and have a genuine desire to help and develop people, you are someone your team wants to work for.

The position of Director of Sales requires vulnerability, optimism, communication, and awareness. Our ideal candidate is a service-oriented, tech-savvy connector with high mechanical interest, and industry and market awareness. We are looking for an engaging sales energizer who can drive a team and easily disarm or redirect a mindset. Our candidate is a lifelong learner with a sense of humor and passions outside of their career. They must be organized, respectful and ready for anything.


The job responsibilities of our Director of Sales include:

Leadership, Management, Accountability 

  • Lead the sales department (5+ direct reports)
  • Manage vendor and customer relationships
  • Manage anxiety of leadership team
  • Troubleshoot and solve sales-related problems
  • Review customer activity and anticipate their needs
  • Leverage the components of the sales and support team
  • Identify opportunities to develop trust with the leadership team
  • Accountable for the goals of the department that affect the organization


  • Show energy while coaching sales consultants to rise up to customer needs
  • Coach price negotiations alongside the sales team with their customers
  • Train, develop, mentor, and elevate the sales team


  • Define sales strategy
  • Plan and execute the sales strategy
  • Forecast sales
  • Run sales reports
  • Work with marketing team to develop successful campaigns
  • Identify improvements, then develop sales plans and goals
  • Strategically drive the revenue objectives of the organization

Human Resources

  • Identify hiring needs within the sales department
  • Onboard and offboard employees within the sales department



  • 4-year degree or equivalent work experience
  • 2+ years’ experience in B2B sales management (leading a sales team)
  • Displayed career growth within a company/companies


  • 5+ years’ experience in B2B sales management in wholesale distribution, industrial construction, manufacturing etc.
  • Working at a small to mid-sized business
  • Proven track record of community involvement, volunteer experience or extracurricular activities
  • MBA


  • Familiar with EOS 


JENDCO, which stands for “Jen, Emily N’ David’s Company”, is a family-owned, family-oriented company founded in 1989. With 19 employees, JENDCO is a global distributor of safety products and value-added services to customers. JENDCO provides superior service, technical assistance, and broad product selection.


JENDCO may be part of an old school industry, but we have a new school mentality. We are a small organization, but we are mighty; our reach is worldwide! JENDCO was recognized in 2021 by Columbus Business First as one of 2020's fastest growing companies. The Director of Sales must be a driving force in creating the culture at JENDCO. They must be able to coach and mentor the sales team, think strategically, and drive business growth through the development of the sales team.

  • Flexible yet agile company
  • You have a say in the success of the organization
  • You can move the needle immediately
  • We value your work, but respect your life outside of work

Our Core Values are: 

  • Jendco = Family - You, loyal, trust, personable
  • Evolve - Adaptable, current, grow, learn
  • Now - Service first, reliable, teamwork, committed
  • Doing What’s Right - Accountable, honest, integrity, reputation
  • Connected - Accessible, engaged, initiative, persistent
  • Optimistic - Confident, encouraging, finds the good