Ermator S36 Propane Powered HEPA Dust Extractor - 201000671E

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Ermator S36 Propane Powered HEPA Dust Extractor - 201000671E

Introducing the Ermator S36 Propane - The propane version of the most powerful single-phase HEPA Dust Extractor on the market today.

Three large, commercial-grade vacuum motors provide over 285CFM and 125-inches of waterlift, plenty of power to handle any mid-size planetary floor grinder. With the continuing development of dry diamond tooling and equipment for cutting, coring and grinding, collection of harmful dust is more and more important. Electrical power supply is hard to come by on many jobs so propane units are needed. Pullman-Ermator makes the best direct drive with magnetic clutch system that puts all the power to the turbine. Dry cutting and grinding saves expensive disposal costs of wet slurry and water. It is also more productive and leaves job sites cleaner.

Like all Ermator Dust Extractors, the model S36 is equipped with Jet Pulse filter cleaning, "drop-down" dust collection in a plastic bag and tested and certified HEPA filtration. What makes the S36 truly unique and unmatched in the concrete grinding and polishing industry is the quantity and size of its filters. It has a massive pre-filter with over 50-square feet of media, constructed in a cone-shape to reduce filter loading. The unique shape of the S36 pre-filter also improves filter cleaning, when necessary, via the Jet Pulse filter cleaning system. Our competitors have difficulty including a single HEPA filter with their vacuums. The S36 is equipped with three (3) independently tested and certified HEPA filters to guarantee that vacuum exhaust is absolutely dust-free!

The S36 is also unmatched in its portability. Its surprisingly innovative dolly design makes loading and unloading a breeze. Once on the job site, this dust extractor easily navigates congested floor areas via a steel frame mounted on large rear wheels and lockable front swivel casters.

Ermator's HEPA dust extractors are powerful, portable vac/separators that can be used alone for wide variety of pick-up applications, and to supplement hand/floor power tools for dustless grinding, sanding and drilling. Excellent for both wood and concrete dust and other construction, restoration materials where fast, dustless recovery is required to maintain productivity and clean-air working environment. All units include individually tested and certified HEPA filters and Ermator's unique direct "dustless" deposit into poly bags for safe, easy handling and disposal. Equipped with "Jet Pulse" filter cleaning system for maximizing airflow and pick-up efficiency.

Dust Extractor Specs

Product Code 201000671E
Motor (HP) 11
Air Flow Capacity (CFM) 285
Water Lift (in) 125
Primary Filter Coated Pre-Filter Socks
Secondary Filter 3 HEPA filters 27 ft2
Net Weight (lbs) 190

Engine Specs

Engine Type



Honda 11 HP Air-cooled 4-stroke OHV 

Bore x Stroke



88 X 64 mm




389 cm3

Net Power Output*



10.2 HP (7.6 kW) @ 3,600 rpm

Net Torque



17.8 lb-ft (24.2 Nm) @ 2,500 rpm

PTO Shaft Rotation



Counterclockwise (from PTO shaft side)

Compression Ratio




Lamp/Charge coil options



3A / 1A, 3A, 10A




Float Type

Ignition System



Transistorized magneto

Starting System




Lubrication System



Pressure and splash

Governor System



Centrifugal Mechanical

Air cleaner



Dual element

Oil Capacity



1.2 US qt (1.1l)



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Additional Information

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