Foster 40-20 Fungicidal Coating - White - 5 Gallon

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Foster 40-20 Fungicidal Coating - White - 5 Gallon

Foster 40-20™ - Fungicidal Coating for HVAC Ducting

Foster® 40-20™ Fungicidal Protective Coating is the industry's leading EPA registered, antimicrobial coating for HVAC duct systems with ten years of proven effectiveness. It is formulated to effectively prevent the spread of mold and odor causing bacteria on its surface in areas, such as walls, ceilings, pipes and interior/exterior surfaces of HVAC duct systems.

This product is a polyacrylate copolymer emulsion specifically formulated for long-term fungicidal activity, with no loss of activity on aging. Its tough, elastic, decorative finish is resistant to most industrial chemicals and it is ultra-flexible to allow for movement without splitting, which prevents lodging places for bacteria - making it ideal in industrial, and institutional settings.

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