Honeywell North Primair PA800 Welding Helmet PAPR

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  • Honeywell North Primair PA800 Welding Helmet PAPR
  • Honeywell North Primair 700 Series Hooded PAPR - PA701HE

Expected release date is Nov 30, 2018



Honeywell’s new PA800 Welding PAPR offers Simplicity, Comfort and Improved Respiratory Protection

Hazards can spark from everywhere when you’re welding, and to stay protected you need a welding PAPR solution that enables you to focus on your work, not your equipment. That’s why Honeywell North offers a new, ultralight welding helmet featuring an auto-darkening filter with a brighter resting light shade than currently available – a new standard in light transmission. Its ergonomic design enables you to shift seamlessly from welding to grinding without ever having to adjust the helmet, therefore improving worker safety and increasing productivity.

Also, the PA800 Welding Helmet works harmoniously with the PA700 PAPR blower, keeping you cool and comfortable while you work – all day, every day.


Key Features

  • Brighter Light Shade - The auto-darkening filter has a light state of 2.5, the lightest in the industry.
  • Lightweight - At just 24 oz. (~1.5 lb.), the PA800 is one of the lighter auto-darkening helmets on the market – minimizing head and neck strain and reducing risk of fatigue or injury.
  • All-in-one, integrated unit – battery and blower motor contained in compact casing; delivers better safety
  • Side-mounted battery – contained in housing on five (5) sides and locks into place to reduce accidental disconnections - Integrated, rechargeable battery installs fast and easy with a push and a click for secure attachment
  • Ergonomic belt – distributes weight evenly and prevents slipping; adjustable nylon straps for additional support; optional comfort pad
  • Smart breathing tube connection – twist and lock connector angles tube away from back
  • Efficient keypad – illuminated, easy-to-read display; large buttons for easy operation – even for workers wearing gloves; offers access to adjustable airflow with three speeds; buttons are spaced apart to prevent accidental shut down of the unit when changing airflow speed
  • Filter connection – P100 filter locks into place with a quarter turn, assuring workers they are secure
  • Optional filter cover – smooth design is easy to wipe clean; protects filter from impact and during decontamination showers – smooth case wipes down in minutes with a damp cloth or alcohol wipe; no crevices to trap particulates
  • Cooling comfort - An integrated and adjustable air-duct connects easily toto the PA700 PAPR system, to help keep workers cool, comfortable and productive.

Fields of Application

  • Elektrode Welding
  • (Stick Welding, SMAW)
  • GMAW High melting rate process
  • Flux Cored Wire Welding
  • TIG Welding (GTAW)
  • Grinding

Unlike other welding helmets, Honeywell North’s PAPR welding solution is designed to reduce work interruptions and maximize productivity. The shield-less system eliminates the need to flip up the ADF to grind. Just push a button, and keep working.

Includes PA810 helmet, PA036 breathing tube and PA701HEW PAPR (blower, battery, charger, welding belt, HE filter, filter cover/spark guard)

System Weight 


4.33 lbs (1.96 kg)

Airflow (loose fit configurations)


7.2 CFM - 8.3 CFM 

Airflow (tight fit configurations)


5.5 CFM  Nominal

Alarm Types


Audible, Visual and Vibratory for low flow and low battery conditions

Motor Life


>10,000 hours (estimated)

Noise Level


<75 dBA (average measured at the ears)

Battery Type



Run Time


>8 hours (average)* 

Charge Time


<4.5 hours in ideal charging conditions

Belt Types


Woven nylon

*Typical expectations based on laboratory testing. Actual battery runt time and battery service life is dependent on many factors including working environment, charging conditions, filter/cartridge type and headpiece type.


The PA710 blower is the heart of the PAPR. It draws contaminated air through the filter cartridge andpushes a continuous flow of clean air to the user. Every system is programmed and calibrated at the factory to provide a steady and measured flow of air, even as the filter cartridge becomes saturated with contaminants.

The blower also includes an intelligent alarm system that alerts the user when the battery charge or air-flow level is low. The system uses audible, visual and vibratory notifications to effectively and clearly communicate alarm status, even in loud, harsh conditions.

Battery and Charger

The PA710 blower is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. The PA720 battery pack can power the PAPR system for an entire 8-hour work shift*. It slides and locks into the blower unit, greatly reducing the risk that it will fall and break. The PA720 battery pack also features an on-board, state-of-charge display, which allows the user to evaluate the amount of remaining charge in the pack, without installing it into the blower.

The PA724 smart-charger system can re-charge a fully depleted battery in approximately 4.5 hours. In addition to charging, it continuously monitors the health of the battery pack and can alert the user to a potential problem via an LED display panel.

Belt Assembly

The PA700 series belt assemblies have been designed with all-day comfort in mind. The ergonomic shape and choice of materials help distribute the weight of the PAPR evenly on the worker’s body and keep it from slipping. The optional comfort pad can be snapped on, providing even more cushioning support.

Breathing Tubes

The all-new PA031 and PA031L breathing tubes work exclusively with the new PA700 series PAPR system. They feature simple, twist and lock connectors, a light-weight and highly flexible hose material and a swiveling connection to prevent the hose from twisting or binding.

Cartridges & Filters

The PA700 Series PAPR is approved for use with the PA7HE HEPA filter cartridge. The cartridge securely installs into the blower with a simple 1⁄4-turn twist and lock system. It is 99.97% efficient and exceeds NIOSH requirements for service life.


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