Inventory Controller

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Inventory Controller
Employment Type: Full Time (Monday- Friday)
Reports to: Operations Manager
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This position is responsible for maintaining inventory levels, making monthly inventory reports, recording, organizing inventory items, maintaining accurate records, forecasting supply and demand to prevent overstock/out of stock. Responsible for working closely with purchasing department to determine stock levels, returns, reorder points and assist in purchasing duties. Work with warehouse to organize and effectively manage physical inventory as well as virtual inventory information in CRM. This roll requires accuracy, efficiency, and excellent ability to communicate with sales, purchasing and warehouse teams.

Essential Functions: 

    • Forecast supply and demand to prevent overstocking and running out-of-stock
    • Oversee and manage all inbound warehouse inventory operations and daily activities of receiving inbound items, accounting for shortages on inbound items, communicating with vendors or purchasing to problem solve
    • Develop process for reporting shortages, discrepancies, errors, and slow/high turn items
    • Execute and maintain cycle counts and inventory reports
    • Creating and maintaining a Daily Inventory Report for Purchasing Manager
    • Manage Damaged inventory – Inventory Issues and resolutions
    • Responsible for working closely with other purchasing departments as well as assisting them with any inventory issues.
    • Assist in creating inventory policy and forms
    • Work closely with Shipping manager and warehouse employees on a daily basis
    • Work with warehouse staff and purchasing on inventory adjustments
    • Work with Accounts Payable and/or Purchasing to coordinate returns to Manufacturers
    • Maintain part number changes/edits and clear old inventory or dead stock in accounting program
    • Overall act as a liaison between purchasing, sales and warehouse

Physical Demands:

    • Ability to lift and move at least 75lbs

Qualifications & Suggested Skills: 

    • Working knowledge of inventory management software
    • Good understanding of inventory, vendors, units of measure and accounting program
    • Exceptional communication both verbal and non-verbal
    • Prioritization and good time management
    • Excellent organization and attention to detail
    • Good communication, negotiation, mathematic and problem-solving abilities
    • Ability to work and get along with all different people and personality types
    • Multi-tasking and comfort in a fast-paced environment
    • Ability to change processes and come up with new efficient practices

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