MSA ArcSafe® Energy-Absorbing Lanyard ANSI Z359.13 [Choose Options]

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  • 10107200
  • 10107200
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ArcSafe® Energy-Absorbing Lanyard

Providing electrical arc flash protection, ArcSafe® Lanyards use a tear-tape design to keep fall arrest forces below 900 lbs. ArcSafe® Energy Absorbing Lanyards connect the back (dorsal) D-ring of MSA full-body harnesses to a qualified anchorage and anchorage connector.

Features & Benefits

  • Limits average fall arrest forces to 900 pounds/6 kN or less
  • Constructed of nylon webbing and length is adjustable
  • Includes sewn loop on shock-absorber end and LS snaphook on lanyard leg
  • Incorporates a protective cover over the shock-absorber

Options & Specifications

Product Specifications

The energy absorber keeps fall arrest forces below ANSI and OSHA limits and deceleration distance is controlled to a maximum of 42 inches.

Part Numbers

Part # Harness Connection Anchorage Connection Adjustable Style Material Standards
10107200 Hitch Loop 36C Yes Single Leg Nylon ANSI Z359.13
10107201 Hitch Loop (2) 36C Yes Twin Leg Nylon ANSI Z359.13


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