MSA S-CAP Fire Escape Hood - 10064645

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  • MSA S-CAP Fire Escape Hood - 10064645
  • MSA S-CAP Fire Escape Hood - 10064645
  • MSA S-CAP Fire Escape Hood - 10064645
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MSA S-CAP Fire Escape Hood - 10064645

This highly visible, one-size-fits-all yellow hood offers protection against smoke and gas from fires, especially carbon monoxide. The easy-to-use unit dons quickly and features a nose cup for a wide variety of head and face sizes, while the cotton neck seal ensures a tight fit. The high-performance filter offers thorough protection, while the wide lens provides an increased field of vision and the low breathing resistance reduces claustrophobia.

Most victims of fire are not injured by heat or flames but rather by smoke and gases, especially carbon monoxide. The S-CAP Fire Escape Hood is simple to don and use and is effective within seconds, using a filter designed for a minimum rated service time of 15 minutes. 

  • Easy-to-adjust hood is designed to protect from heat, smoke and gases (especially carbon monoxide) during fires
  • Wide lens offers increased field of vision
  • Low breathing resistance reduces likelihood of claustrophobia
Markets: Chemical, Government, Utilities, Water Treatment, Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, Fire Service, General Industrial
Applications: Search & Rescue                 


  • Hood: Coated PVC
  • Neck Seal: Cotton
  • Lens: PET
  • Inner Mask: Natural Rubber, Gray
  • Filter: Multi-Purpose Flter [CO, Gases from Fire and Particles P2]
  • Weight: 1.2 lb.
  • Size: Adult Universal
  • Service Time: Minimum 15 Minutes
  • Storage life: Maintenance-Free for 4 Years, up to 10 years with Testing
  • Breathing Resistance:
  • Inhalation Approx. 1.2 mbar
  • Exhalation resistance approx. 0.5 mbar

Data Sheet: S-Cap Fire Escape Hood

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