North CBRN PAPR System - SC420

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  • North CBRN PAPR System - SC420
  • North CBRN PAPR System - SC420
  • North CBRN PAPR System - SC420
  • North CBRN PAPR System - SC420
  • North CBRN PAPR System - SC420


The SC420 CBRN PAPR is a durable, lightweight and efficient system that is easy to use in high stress environments.

Configurations Include:

  • SC420 CBRN Blower
  • Airflow Indicator Tool
  • Decon Belt
  • Breathing Tube
  • Battery Option
  • 2 CBRN Canisters
  • 2 Shower Caps
  • Black Carrying Case
  • Approved Environmental Battery Storage Box

Battery Pack Styles

560004 - D Cell Holder Pack — Holds four off-the-shelf D cell alkaline batteries. Source batteries in any situation or environment.

560008 - NiMH — Rechargeable battery

560002 - LiSO2 — One time use battery

Survivair Opti-Fit™ CBRN Facepiece• Optically true with greater peripheral vision and unobstructed view

  • Chemical and nuclear resistant butyl rubber skirt
  • Available with or without hydration tube
  • Choice of Kevlar mesh headnet or 5-point straps

Blower Unit• Based on the C420 blower design being used by 50,000 military personnel

  • Resistant to chemical, biological, and warfare agents
  • EMI shield (per military standards) will not interfere with radio communications

Breathing Hose• EPDM breathing hose is resistant to the harshest of chemical agents and nuclear debris

  • 38" breathing hose provides added comfort for taller users
  • Low-profile 90 degree connector developed with U.S. Special Forces

Power Supply• Three separate power supply options, all hot-swappable

• Four D cell alkaline battery holder pack that runs off four D cell alkaline batteries easily found in retail stores
• Rechargeable NiMH battery
  - Reusable, 500-700 times when properly charged and maintained
  - 4 hour run time
• Lithium battery
  - One time use with 10 year shelf life
  - 8-10 hour operation duration

Canisters• Provides respiratory protection against chemical, biological and nuclear agents

  • Built-in P100/HE Filter
  • Low profile design reduces snags once attached to the blower

Accessories• D-ring option for decon belt with a pull force of over 1,000 lbs. Holds tools, rope, etc.

  • Black carrying case holds all components

Products or Technical data that are subject to U.S. Export Administration Regulations may require the approval of the U.S. Department of Commerce prior to export or re-export.

Recommended Industries/Use

  • Fire Protection
  • Government
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • Nuclear
  • Utilities


  • Airborne Particulates
  • Biohazard
  • Chemical
  • Contamination
  • Extreme Environment
  • Gas, Vapors, Smoke


  • - NIOSH Approved

Maximum Flow Rate

115 — 140 lpm

Battery Run Time

D Cell: 10-12 hours ; LiSO2: 4 hours ; NiMH: 8-10 hours

Ambient Temperature

-26° to 120° F / -32° to 49° C


MIL-STD-461C,Part 4, RE02


Water and dust protection


Performance not affected adversely

Blower Life

MMTF > 1000 hrs

Sperian SC420 CBRN PAPR Brochure

SC420 Opti-Fit CBRN PAPR Manual


SC420 Opti-Fit CBRN PAPR Manual

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