North RU6500 Full Facepiece Silicone Respirator

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  • North RU6500 Full Facepiece Silicone Respirator
  • North RU6500 Full Facepiece Silicone Respirator
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This new facepiece is a redesign of the popular Sperian Survivair Opti-Fit™ full facepiece, which has been re-engineered to accept the North N-Series cartridges, filters, and cartridge/filter combinations. The RU6500 not only includes the preferred features and benefits from the Opti-Fit, but also features additional upgrades and improvements.North RU6500 Facepiece

Welcome to the Family!

The North full facepiece family already includes the North 7600 premium silicone mask and the North 5400 thermoplastic elastomer mask. With the introduction of the new RU6500 to this line, Honeywell can now offer a complete range of North full facepieces that suit a wide variety of applications, budgets, and wearer needs. 

RU6500 and North Full Facepiece Family Marketing Materials

One Cartridge Series to Fit Them All!

All three styles use one common platform of cartridges, filters, and cartridges/filter combinations for air purifying respiratory (APR) protection – the North N-Series line. Because the RU6500 was re-engineered to work with this series, it will no longer accept the S- and T-Series cartridges from the legacy Sperian line. To ease conversion to the N-Series cartridges, we have included the following tools:


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