AIRE GUARDIAN® Mobile Containment Cube AG3000MCCK by Abatement Technologies

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Abatement - AG3000MCCK
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  • ICMOBKC (Containment Cube & Air Scrubber)
  • AG3000MCCK (Containment Cube Only)
  • AG3000MCCC (Containment Cube & Caddy)
  • ICMOBVC (Containment Cube, Vacuum & Air Scrubber)
  • AIRE GUARDIAN® Mobile Containment Cube AG3000MCCK - Shown with OPTIONAL ICMOBVC Kit
  • AIRE GUARDIAN® Mobile Containment Cube AG3000MCCK by Abatement Technologies
  • Close Up of AG-Caddy & Pred750
$3,499.00 - $5,399.00


Contain & Control Dust, Debris & Other Airborne Particulates When Working Above Drop Ceilings or Inside Wall Cavities

The AIRE GUARDIAN 3000 Mobile Construction Enclosure from Abatement Technologies® is the perfect tool for controlling particles released into the air when accessing and working in ceiling or wall cavities. It combines a broad array of unmatched performance, user convenience and safety features with the durability needed to operate reliably in harsh construction environments.

Tough Enclosure

The ultra-tough enclosure is made from a reinforced-PVC material developed for military tents used in hostile environments, and constructed with strong ultrasonically-welded seams and non-binding coil zippers. The lightweight and easy-to-assemble aircraft-aluminum frame includes a top, a base, four easy-to-adjust upright poles and a 900 lb. rated-capacity cart.

Once the job is done, the AIRE GUARDIAN Mobile Containment Cube is adjusted back to its lowest height setting and rolled to the storage area with the ancillary equipment packed inside. Most users simply store it that way so it is ready to go for the next job, though it can also be easily disassembled if the user prefers.

Outstanding Enclosure Mobility Keeps You in Compliance

The AIRE GUARDIAN features:

  • Easy to adjust upright poles with numbered settings
  • Precise adjustment to any ceiling height from 8’ to 10’
  • Large view windows on 4 sides
  • Large zippered entry/exit doors on 3 sides
  • Large top zippers for full above-ceiling access
  • Large clear view windows for visibility & light
  • Ports for PAS & HEPA Vacuum
  • CA Fire Marshall, CDC, AIA, NFPA & CSA compliant
  • Optional slide-out caddy for air scrubber, tools or supplies
  • Double thickness floor for added strength & durability
  • Clear pouch for work orders and other documents
  • Pass-through opening with a removable cover
  • Portable air scrubber and HEPA vacuum ports
  • Dimensions: 30” x 60”

Durable. Versatile. Economical. User Friendly. Lightweight.

Fast And Easy Assembly

One person can assemble the AIRE GUARDIAN MCCK and have it ready to use in minutes. Color-coded alignment dots show clearly how components fit together, and the blue floor makes it simple to orient the enclosure around the frame.



1. AG3000MCCK

 Aire Guardian Containment Cube Only

2. AG3000MCCC

 Aire Guardian Containment Cube & Caddy


 Aire Guardian Containment Cube, Caddy & Air Scrubber


 Aire Guardian Containment Cube, Caddy, Air Scrubber & HEPA Vacuum

Mobile ICRA Packages with AIRE GUARDIAN Containment Cubes

Mobile ICRA packages from Abatement Technologies are economical, effective and easy-to-use containment systems prepackaged specifically for work in areas above ceilings and in wall cavities. Two mobile ICRA packages are available to help your facility meet the requirements in the CDC Infection Control Guidelines (ICRA) and the Canadian CSA Z317- 13-03.

Types of activities that require these systems for work within walls and ceilings of healthcare facilities include jobs such as installing, inspecting, or maintaining:

  • Electrical cables and components
  • HVAC system components
  • Fire protection systems

The most popular ICRA package (ICMOBVC) contains:

AIRE GUARDIAN® AG3000MCCK Mobile Construction Cube & AG-CADDY Cart (SHOWN)

  • Reusable mobile cube for particle containment
  • Fast & easy wall and ceiling access all in one unit
  • Precise height adjustments up to 10 feet
  • Accommodates up to 900 lbs of evenly distributed weight
  • Roomy enough to hold a worker with an 8 foot ladder
  • Top closes & seals for full particle containment
  • Caddy allows portable air scrubber to remain connected to the AIRE GUARDIAN module during transport

PREDATOR® Model PRED750 Portable Air Scrubber (CLICK HERE)

  • Compact and ultra-lightweight at 35 pounds
  • Maintains high ACH & negative pressure levels inside the AG3000MCCK cube
  • Airflow adjustable from 200 cfm up to 750 cfm
  • 3-stage filtration with certified 99.97% HEPA filter
  • Useful for many other jobs independent of the AG3000

V8000WD Portable Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum(CLICK HERE)

  • 8 gallon wet/dry vacuum
  • Equipped with HEPA filter and complete tool kit
  • 135 cfm airflow; 92” static lift
  • Removes particles to help decontaminate surfaces within the AG3000
  • Powerful, yet exceptionally quiet


1. Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Top Frame
Corner sockets snap in place over upright poles

2. Adjustable, Spring-Loaded Upright Poles (4)
Numbered height settings are etched right into the pole

3. PVC Enclosure Meets Fire Safety Requirements
NFPA, CDC, JCAHO, & CA Fire Marshall Compliant

4. Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Bottom Frame
Corner sleeves & locking pins for secure pole retention

5. Reliable & Durable Non-Binding Coil Zippers
Heavy-duty, won’t bind and catch like tooth zippers

6. Large Zippered Side Doors on 3 Sides
Easy exit or entry, & maximum user versatility

7. Reinforced, Ultrasonically Welded Seams
Stronger & more reliable than sewn or heat-sealed seams

8. Outer Work Order Pouch with Clear PVC Cover
Documents are protected, and readily visible

9. Air Scrubber Port for 8”-12” Inlet Collars
Reinforced to prevent collapse under negative pressure

10. Extra Heavy-Duty Blue Floor Fabric
Color-coded for easier assembly, retains its appearance

11. Mobile Cart with 3 Bottom Reinforcing Channels
Added strength & rigidity when in use

12. Heavy-Duty 5” Casters with Foot Brakes
Excellent mobility, strength & stability

13. HEPA Vacuum Port
Fits up to 3” inlet hose



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