EASY UP™ S4000EU Collapsible Decontamination Shower

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  • EASY UP™ S4000EU Collapsible Decontamination Shower
  • EASY UP™ S4000EU Collapsible Decontamination Shower


EASY UP™ S4000EU Collapsible Decontamination Shower

Portable, Briefcase-Size Decontamination Shower Even Fits Tall Workers

The new S4000EU Modular Decontamination Shower from Abatement Technologies provides contractors with the most economical and user-friendly metal shower available. When assembled, Easy Up is large enough to fit tall workers. When disassembled, it is small enough and light enough for a worker to hand carry like a briefcase or suitcase

  • 40% Lighter - At only 41 pounds, the new Easy Up S4000EU modular shower is almost 25 pounds lighter than any other metal shower unit. That makes it much easier to hand-carry using the attached handle, and eliminates the need for small casters that can be easily damaged.
  • Compact - Length & Width: 30"", Height when assembled: 81""
  • Fast Set Up - One person can set up the Easy Up shower in just a few minutes. Simply separate the top and floor modules, assemble the modular corner poles into the floor module, and insert the top module over the poles.
  • Easy to Transport & Store - Easy Up is quickly disassembled without tools. The floor module functions as a compact carrying case for the multi-piece, interlocking corner poles.
  • Smart Storage -  The curtains, showerhead, and mixing valve are attached to the top module, which functions as the lid for the carrying case. The top and bottom modules then latch securely together.


  • Weight: 41 pounds
  • Length & Width: 30”
  • Assembled Height: 81"
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