3M Versaflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator Unit TR-802N/94242(AAD) Intrinsically Safe 1 EA/Case

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The TR-802N is an intrinsically safe replacement motor/blower for 3M Versaflo TR-800 series Powered Air Purifying Respirators. It does not include a filter, belt, battery, or charger. Combine with 3M Versaflo components to build a complete system.

The 3M Versaflo TR-800 series Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) is a compact, light-weight, easy-to-use PAPR for protection against certain particulates, vapors and gases. The TR-800 is a PAPR blower certified by UL with an intrinsically safe (IS) rating of Division 1: IS Class 1, II, III; Division 1 (includes Division 2) Groups C,D,E,F G; T4, under the most current standard (UL 60079, 6th Edition, 2013). The TR-802N PAPR Unit is a replacement intrinsically safe motor/blower unit. The TR-802N does not include a filter, airflow indicator, belt, battery, or charger. When combined with approved 3M Versaflo parts, the TR-802N becomes part of a NIOSH approved respirator assembly featuring: multiple speeds, audible and visual alarms and the ability to work with a wide variety of headtops, filters and cartridges.

  • Top of the line IS protection - The TR-800 is a PAPR blower rated at Division I for Classes I,II, and III under the most current UL standard (UL 60079, 6th Edition, 2013)
  • More options for more tasks - Choose from particulate filters or gas and vapor combination cartridges for protection in a variety of environments.
  • Work with ease - Intuitive, colored touchpoints plus visual and audible low flow indicators help make the TR-800 easy to use.
  • Work at your own speed - Multiple airflow rates put you in control of your comfort.
  • When clean is critical - IP 67 rating (with use of TR-653 Storage and Cleaning Kit) allows for submersion while cleaning to save time and effort, paving the way for more productivity.

Product Type : PAPR Systems
Product Series : TR-800
Breathing Tube Type :
Headgear Type :
Intrinsically Safe : Yes
Mounting Type : Belt-Mounted
NIOSH Cartridge or Filter Assigned Color Coding :
Battery Type :
Battery Life :
Recommended Application : Cleaning-General Maintenance-Liquid Chemical Handling-Mixing-Painting-Powder Coating-Powder Handling-Spray Coating-Spraying
Recommended Industry : Cosmetics-Dry Foods-Food and Beverage Manufacturing-General Manufacturing-Heavy Industrial-Industrial Maintenance-Laboratories-Oil & Gas-Pesticide Application-Pharmaceutical-Pharmaceutical research and production-Shutdown-Transportation
Standards/Approvals : NIOSH Approved
For Use with : 3M Versaflo TR-800 series Powered Air Purifying Respirators.
Cartridge or Filter Included :
Cartridge or Filter Type :
Includes :

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