Type 2 Helmets / Hard Hats

Type 2 Helmets / Hard Hats

Type 2 Vented Helmets Type 2 Non-Vented Helmets

Provide  enhanced breathability and comfort in hot or physically demanding work conditions. Helps protect against impact from front and sides.

Feature integrated ventilation systems that promote airflow, significantly reducing heat build-up and ensuring comfort during prolonged use.

These helmets are especially beneficial in warm or dynamic work environments, allowing for increased breathability and comfort without compromising on safety.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, vented helmets keep you cool and protected throughout your workday.

Vented Type 2

Provide maximum protection in environments with potential electrical hazards or where ventilation is not a primary concern.

Buillt with solid construction without ventilation holes, offering enhanced protection in settings where electrical hazard resistance is crucial.

The non-vented design ensures a high level of safety against electrical shocks, as well as against top and side impacts.

Suitable for electricians, construction workers, and those in high-risk environments, non-vented helmets are your first line of defense against various hazards.

Non-Vented Type 2