Type 1 Helmets / Hard Hats

Type 1 Helmets / Hard Hats

Type 1 Vented Helmets Type 1 Non-Vented Helmets

Equipped with ventilation holes that allow for air circulation, making them an ideal choice for working in hot or humid conditions.

The ventilation system helps to reduce heat build-up and keeps the wearer cool and comfortable throughout the day. These helmets are perfect for indoor and outdoor work where overhead protection is needed without compromising on comfort.

Vented Type 1

Do not feature ventilation holes and offer a solid shell construction. Best if you're working in environments with potential electrical hazards or where air circulation is not a priority.

This design is particularly beneficial in environments where exposure to electrical hazards is a concern. The non-vented helmets provide an added layer of protection against electrical shocks, making them suitable for electricians and construction workers who deal with electrical components.

Non-Vented Type 1