Ermator T8600 Propane Powered HEPA Dust Extractor - 200600404L

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Ermator T8600 Propane Powered HEPA Dust Extractor - 200600404L

The Ermator T8600 Propane lets you untether from hazardous electric cords and is ideal for large scale - remote jobsites.

No other propane vacuum can match it's features as the Ermator T8600 Proane is the strongest propane vacuum on the market.

Featuring 18HP, 410 CFM of airflow and a 115” water lift the Ermator T8600 Propane is the strongest and safest propane vacuum on the market. With the continuing development of dry diamond tooling and equipment for cutting, coring, and grinding, collection of harmful dust is more and more important. Electrical power supply is hard to come by on many jobs so propane units are needed. Pullman-Ermator makes the best direct drive with magnetic clutch system that puts all the power to the turbine. Dry cutting and grinding saves expensive disposal costs of wet slurry and water. It is also more productive and leaves job sites cleaner

Pullman Ermator offers the strength and reliability of their popular T8600 dust extractor with the added convenience and versatility of propane power.

On many construction, abatement and restoration project sites, electric supply can be hard to access or simply not available. Long extension cords or electric generators are cumbersome and often get in the way. The T8600 Propane Dust Extractor, with 18HP direct drive magnetic clutch, 410 CFM, and a 115” water lift, offers contractors with the strength needed for a dust-free environment with the convenience and flexibility of propane power.

Dry cutting and grinding is a popular method, primarily because it saves expensive disposal costs of wet slurry and water. But with the continuing development of dry diamond tooling and equipment for cutting, coring, and grinding, effective collection of harmful dust is more important than ever. The T8600 Propane Dust Extractor is suitable for a wide variety of grinders, and with its JetPulse filter cleaning and certified HEPA filtration to 99.99% @ 0.3 microns, it effectively collects dust and leaves the job site cleaner. And with the Longopac system, dust-free disposal is easily accomplished via fast, drop-down, individually sealed bags.

Not just for dry cutting or grinding, the T8600 Propane Dust Extractor can also be used for safer, dust-free asbestos cleanup. Vermiculite contaminated with asbestos was commonly used for insulation until 1990.  Because vermiculite particles are so lightweight, dust can easily spread in cleanup.  The T8600P contains those small particles even in situations where electric power is not available.

Works with these propane grinders:

  • STI Prepmaster - 2418LP, 2818LP, 3038LP, 4438LP
  • Terrco - 3100LP, 2000LP
  • Aztec - Ultra Grind
  • Lavina - 25G-S, 30G-S
  • Kutrite - Conquer 25LP

Recommended Equipment: Propane grinders, propane saws


  • Large-scale construction, abatement or restoration projects that demand substantial dust extraction with limited access to eletricity
  • Grinding dust and demolition materials in a wide variety of applications


  • Three separate filtering stages collects dust from the heaviest to the finest dust particles.
  • Individually tested and certified HEPA filters rated at 99.99% @ 0.3 microns.
  • Longopac® bag hose system ensures simple and safe dust bag changes.
  • Jet pulse filter cleaning system ensures high continuous airflow due to easy and efficient cleaning of main filter without opening the machine.


  • Jet Pulse with easy reach lever: efficient, safe filter cleaning without exposing operator to dust.
  • Relief Valve: protects turbine motor from overheating in the event of a blocked hose or clogged filter.
  • Control Panel with one-touch start feature: protects from overloads
  • Cyclonic Chamber: separates/removes larger dust particles from the airstream before the air enters the pre-filter socks
  • Adjustable steel clamps: provides tight air seal between top chamber and cyclone chamber.
  • Four Individually Tested and Certified HEPA Filters: each filter provides a minimum efficiency of 99.99% at .3 micron
  • Longopac: 72 ft long plastic tube can be separated into approximately 25 individual sealed bags.
  • Steel Frame with Longopac platform: supports the weight of filled Longopac bag
  • 4-inch casters w/brake: excellent mobility, stability and increased safety
  • Hour Meter

Includes 3", 33' hose and complete floor tool kit including 2", 25' hose, wand and floor tool. Female and male 3” to 2” camlock reducer.

Product Code   T8600Propane
Motor (HP)   18 (Kawasaki Propane, Direct-Driven Turbine Motor)
Distribution Box   No
Air Flow Capacity (CFM)   410
Water Lift (in)   115
Primary Filter   Coated Pre-Filter Socks
Secondary Filter   HEPA filter 54 ft2
Net Weight (lbs)   675
Dimensions (in)   49" x 27" x 69"
P/N   967734001

Sales Sheet - T8600P_brochure.pdf

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