Type I and Type II Hard Hat Differences

Knowing the difference between Type I and Type II hard hats is more than just a personal choice—it's about ensuring optimal protection on the jobsite.

Let’s discuss the key differences between the two types of hard hats so you can make the right decision when it comes to head protection.

Difference Between Type I and Type II Hard Hats

Every industrial hard hat is classified as Type I or Type II in accordance with ANSI and CSA safety standards for impact protection.

Type I hard hats are designed to protect only from impacts to the top of the head.

In contrast, Type II hard hats offer more comprehensive protection, reducing force caused by impacts to the top, front, back, and sides of the head.

Type II hard hats meet the performance requirements of a Type I hard hat with three additional requirements for impact protection at various angles and rotations.

Since Type II hard hats offer additional protection, many companies and workers are choosing to upgrade from Type I to Type II hard hats.

Choosing the Right Hard Hat

Consider the hazards present in your work environment and choose a hard hat that provides the appropriate protection.

Contact our expert sales team if you need additional information on the differences between hard hat types or for recommendations on popular brands and styles.

Our friends at MSA offer a quick reference guide for understanding Type I and Type II hard hats. Download it here.

Aug 16, 2023 Matt Johnson

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