AQUATRAP AT250RS LGR Dehumidifier

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  • AQUATRAP AT250RS LGR Dehumidifier
  • AQUATRAP AT250RS LGR Dehumidifier
  • AQUATRAP AT250RS LGR Dehumidifier
  • AQUATRAP AT250RS LGR Dehumidifier
  • AQUATRAP AT250RS LGR Dehumidifier
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AQUATRAP® AT250RS LGR Dehumidifier Outstanding Structural Drying Performance and Portability in a Lightweight, Roto-Molded Cabinet

The new AQUATRAP AT250RS from Abatement Technologies® delivers powerful structural drying power in a durable, roto-molded plastic cabinet. Weighing just 100 pounds, the AT250RS provides unsurpassed LGR water removal and grain depression in a wide range of operating temperatures making it the most productive dehumidifier in its weight class. Large, recessed tires and a built-in, ergonomic handle provide superior maneuverability on the job site. Easy internal cabinet access makes AT250RS simple to maintain and service. The unit is also stackable. 

  • Powerful all-temperature structural drying in a lightweight Unit
  • 147 pints/day water removal @ AHAM and up to 266 Pints per Day @ saturation
  • Powerful 400+ CFM airflow
  • Tuned for Optimal Performance @90° F
  • Sensor Controlled Thermodynamic Defrost Cycle
  • Stackable
  • Meets CSA/UL standards

From Philadelphia to Fargo to Phoenix, nothing else delivers water restoration contractors with more features and water removal efficiency then the AQUATRAP AT250RS Dehumidifier. Quality, innovative engineering and excellent customer service are included at no extra cost. We think you will find the AT250RS an incredible value compared to other roto-molded LGR units.

Superior dehumidification performance features of the AQUATRAP AT250RS LGR Dehumidifier include:

  • 147 pints/day water removal @ AHAM and up to 266 Pints Per Day @ saturation
  • Powerful 400+ CFM airflow
  • Superior all-temperature performance
  • Performance optimized @ 90° F
  • Sensor controlled thermodynamic defrost cycle
  • Operates safely on 120V/15A circuits with power to spare (11.2 amps or less @ AHAM)

The AQUATRAP AT250RS LGR Dehumidifier comes standard with many outstanding design innovations including:

  • All-Temperature Performance - Outstanding water removal performance under a wide range of temperature conditions (34° F to 100° F)
  • Performance Optimization - Tuned to provide maximum performance efficiency @ 90° F
  • Durable Cabinet Construction - Roto-molded plastic housing for long lasting durability and low maintenance
  • Easy To Service - Cabinet front removes for quick access to internal components
  • Greater Portability and Maneuverability - Upright cabinet design and 12” recessed rear wheels for easy rolling even on stairs
  • Ergonomic Handle - Built-in ergonomic handle provides precise control. Lower handgrip facilitates truck loading and unloading
  • High Airflow Filter - Easy accessible filter protects internal components and improves indoor air quality during operation
  • Soft-Start Compressor Cycle - Reduces startup load, extending the life of the compressor
  • Built-in Storage Racks - Provide convenient access and storage of power cord and water drainage hose
  • Automatic Pump - Pumps captured water out of the unit through the drainage hose eliminating dump buckets
  • User Friendly Controls - Touch pad control panel with graphical user interface allows easy programming, operation and monitoring
  • Built-In Air Outlet Ring - Connects air duct outlet

Large, 12” Recessed Tires

Large 12” diameter recessed tires provide better maneuverability on the job site and make going up and down stairs easier. 

Ergonomic Handle

The built-in, ergonomic handle creates a comfortable hand grip for turning in tight spaces.

User-Friendly Controls

Digital touch pad control panel with graphical user interface allows easy programming, operation and monitoring.

The touch pad control panel includes:

One LCD Display
One Indicator Light (red/green)
Five touch pad keys for dehumidifier operation

Lightweight, Easy to Load and Stackable

The lightweight cabinet and bottom handgrip combine to provide effortless loading and unloading.

Easy to Service and Maintain

The AT250RS is designed for easy maintenance with fast, friendly cabinet access to internal components:

Removing Front of Cabinet
Removing Filter Door
Changing Filter


Water Removal (90°F / 90% RH): 266Pints / 126L per day

Water Removal (81°F / 60% RH): 147Pints / 70L per day

Water Removal (50°F / 70% RH): 69Pints / 33L per day

Operating Temp. Range: 34° - 100° F

Refrigerant: R410A

Max Power Consumption: 1500 Watt

Voltage / Cycle: 115V / 60Hz

Amperage:11.2A (@ AHAM) – 13A max

Rated Air Flow: 413 cfm / 700 m3/h

Control Panel: Touch-pad

Defrost Type: Sensor Controlled Thermodynamic Defrost

Air Filter: High Efficiency Pleated

Water Pump: Centrifugal

Housing: Rotomolded Plastic

Large Wheels: Semi-pneumatic

Drain Hose Length: 32 ft / 10m

Cord Length: 9.84 ft / 3m

Height: 33.5 in / 850mm

Width: 19.6in / 500mm

Depth: 19.6in / 500mm

Use Weight: 100 lbs / 45.5kg

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