Grayling Avail V24 Quick-Twist Vertical Glove Bags 15/cs - 0132426

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Grayling Avail V-24 Quick-Twist Vertical Glove Bags 15/cs - 0132426


Each bag measures 84” x 96” and features two glovesleeve sets

The V24 is designed for work on pipe diameters from 10” to 24”.  Each bag measures 84” x 96” and features two glovesleeve sets to allow easy access to all areas of a large diameter vertical pipe. The V24 creates a 4’ vertical work area. The offset debris area moves the weight and bulk away from the work area and allows for easy and safe debris chamber removal. The V24 offers two sets of glovesleeves for easy access to both sides of the pipe.

Part number: 0132426

Avail Glovebags for vertical applications improve worker productivity by design features which assist in the removal process. Debris weight and bulk is channeled away from the work area by the offset debris chamber. Awkward twisting and turning of the bag is eliminated due to the work area being separated from the debris area. Installation is quick, safe and secure with fitted collars and pre-cut bag openings. 

FiberGuard Glovesleeves

FiberGuard glove sleeves that insure an air and liquid tight seal at this critical connection point. The Latex Gloves are flocklined for comfort.

Proper Glovesleeve Positioning

Allows the worker to reach the insulation without having to support the weight of debris. This eliminates worker fatigue and therefore increases productivity

Pre-Cut Tops with Fitted Collars

This eliminates awkward cutting and measuring on the job. This allows the worker to attach the glovebag quickly and effectively with no bunching of the bag where it attaches to the pipe.

Ultra Strong Virgin Polyethylene

Ensures excellent viewing of the work area while yeilding the highest seal quality. A LARGE drop-in tool pouch is positions for quick and easy access to your tools

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