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Miller Edge Fall Protection System - 9081/

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  • Miller Edge Fall Protection System - 9081/
  • Miller Edge Fall Protection System - 9081/
  • Miller Edge Fall Protection System - 9081/
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Miller Edge Fall Protection System - 9081/

The first and only cost-effective anchorage solution to protect workers engaged in leading edge deck construction.

The Miller Edge Fall Protection System is a portable engineered anchorage solution designed to protect decking crews from fall hazards. The Miller Edge reduces the need for a safety monitor or a temporary cable lifeline system on leading edge deck construction.

Mobile overhead anchor point:

  • Increases worker safety by providing 100% tie-off capability in leading edge applications
  • Cost-effective alternative to a safety monitoring system that provides no added value
  • Reduces swing fall hazards present with fixed cable lifeline systems

Freestanding anchor point design:

  • Saves valuable man-hours since the unit is ready-to-use when placed in position. No wasted time installing temporary cable systems that could also create tripping hazards.

Solid Althane™ wheel casters:

  • Greater mobility and easy maneuverability of the unit to follow leading edge
  • Unaffected by surface obstacles such as nails,nuts and bolts, etc.

Two integral eye bolt attachment points accommodate self-retracting lifelines:

  • Provides fall protection for up to twoworkers simultaneously

Three-component design:

  • Easy assembly/disassembly for transport and storage

Predetermined integral lifting points:

  • Allows for quick, easy crane cable attachment for lifting on/off deck

Heavy-duty steel construction with protective enamel paint:

  • Endures rugged handling and extreme weather conditions for long-life performance

Easy access handles on front and rear:

  • Provides easy maneuverability when moving unit toward the leading edge

Redundant braking system:

  • Prevents unit from moving unintentionally
9081/  Standard Miller Edge with 7-1/2-ft. (2.3 m) anchorage height
9081/6.5FT  Miller Edge with 6-1/2-ft. (2 m) anchorage height
9081/9.5FT  Miller Edge with 9-1/2-ft. (2.9 m) anchorage height; includes 300-lb. (136 kg) additional required counterweight
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