Miller Titan 5/8" Synthetic Rope Lifeline 25 ft. - 250 ft. (300L/)

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Rope Lifeline
100-ft. length, 5/8-in. dia. polypropylene blend, 1 snap hook and 1 loop

Rope Grabs move easily up and down vertical lifelines providing continuous fall protection. Trailing models offer complete hands-free operation. In the event of a fall, Miller rope grabs lock quickly.

Key Features

  • Compact design; corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Miller rope grabs are designed for use with 5/8-inch (16mm) synthetic rope lifeline with a minimum tensile strength of 5,000 lbs. (22kN), secured to an anchorage independent of the worker’s platform.
  • Standard lifeline lengths are 25 feet (7.6m), 50 feet (15m), 75 feet (23m), and 100 feet (30m); additional lengths are available.
  • Wire rope grabs are designed for use with 5/16-inch (8mm) galvanized or stainless steel wire rope lifelines.

Recommended Industries/Use

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Municipal Services
  • Oil and Gas
  • Utilities


  • Confined Space
  • Fall from height


  • - Meets all applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards
  • 300L/25FTBL
  • 300L/30FTBL
  • 300L/50FTBL
  • 300L/75FTBL
  • 300L/100FTBL
  • 300L/150FTBL
  • 300L/250FTBL
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