Fiberlock 5801 LBC Lead Encapsulant 5 gallon

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Avoid Costly Removal of Lead Based Paint by Using Fiberlock Lead Barrier Compound!

Current estimates indicate that 38 million homes built before 1978 contain lead based paint.

LBC is a safe and effective alternative to the costly process of lead based paint removal and is accepted in all 50 states as a permanent lead abatement method.

LBC Lead Barrier Compound (Type III - Interior/Exterior) is a thermoplastic-elastomeric water based copolymer blended specifically to form a barrier between lead based paint and the environment. It is a high-solids coating formulated to offer unparalleled coverage, economics and aesthetics while preserving historic and architectural detail. LBC contains Bitrex®, a bitter-tasting ingredient to discourage oral contact with lead paint. LBC Complies with all EPA and HUD requirements for lead based paint encapsulation. LBC has been independently tested at David Litter Laboratories, and was found to meet/surpass the ASTM E-1795 Standard for Lead-Based Paint Encapsulants for both indoor and outdoor use.

LBC can be successfully applied to the proper thickness in one application with most major brands or airless spray equipment. LBC can also be applied by brush or roller. LBC can be used for application with surface temperatures as low as 50°F.

ASTM E-1795 Certified For Use
50 States
Solids by Weight ± 2%
Solids by Volume ± 2%
viscosity at 70° F
95-120 Kreb Units
Specular Gloss:
5.5° ± 1 @60°
Flash Point:
Weight Per Gallon ±0.5 lbs.
11.24 lbs/gal
Shelf Life
24 Months Min.
Calculated VOC:
88 Grams/liter
Non-Porous Surfaces
120 ft2/Gal
Porous Surfaces
80-120 ft2/Gal
Drying Times (@ 70-77° F, 50% R.H)
To Touch:
1-2 hours
To Recoat:
8-16 Hours
Minimum Application Temp:
50° F
Package Sizes  5 Gallon
LBC White




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