MSA Responder CBRN PAPR Kit

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MSA Responder PAPR
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  • MSA Responder CBRN PAPR Kit
  • MSA Responder CBRN PAPR Kit
  • MSA Responder CBRN PAPR Kit
  • MSA Responder CBRN PAPR Kit
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MSA Responder CBRN PAPR Kit

The MSA Responder PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirators) with its industry-leading motor-blower and constantly filtered airflow, the belt-mounted Responder CBRN PAPR is ideal for First Responder, Military and Special Operations personnel who need non-IDLH respiratory protection for an extended period of time. The MSA Responder PAPR combines an industry-leading motor-blower with a choice of three proven MSA gas mask CBRN facepieces, and three proprietary cartridges for CBRN, particulate, or poisonous gases / vapors.

The Responder PAPR’s constant filtered airflow provides improved comfort due to the cooling effect, greatly reducing pulmonary stress, preserving strength and mental acuity. The airflow also prevents fogging in the facepiece, reduces any feelings of claustrophobia, and allows for extended use in hot and stressful environments. Batteries can be "hot-swapped," and the blower's EMI shield ensures there is no interference with radio communications.

The MSA Responder CBRN PAPR is a belt-mounted powered air-purifying respirator with choice of 3 proven tight-fitting facepieces in 3 sizes. The motor blower provides a constant air flow of over 115 lpm to the facepiece. The PAPR can be used with CBRN cartridges or with multi-purpose chemical cartridges designed to protect against hazards that might be encountered in tactical law enforcement operations.

  • Protects First Responders for up to 8 hours under many hazardous conditions 
  • First PAPR to have CBRN approval for tight fitting facepieces
  • Choice of 3 proven positivepressure facepieces, the MSA Millennium® or the MSA Ultra Elite®
  • Choice of CBRN cartridge or multi-gas / particulate chemical cartridges for non-CBRN use

Features MSA's PROVEN C420 Blower Motor

Industry trusted, with over 50,000 fielded in various U.S. military programs, the C420 Motor-Blower is ideal for filtering contaminants from ambient air and providing a constant airflow of at least 115 lpm to the user’s facepiece. This provides an OSHA-assigned protection factor twenty times greater than APR, due to positive pressure in the mask. The C420 is available with 2 batteries that can be “hot-swapped” during warm environment use. The Lithium-Sulfur Dioxide mission battery has an 8-hour run-time. The Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable battery has a 4-hour run-time. The motor-blower will not interfere with radio communications, as it is EMI shielded to MIL-STD-461C. The C420 comes complete with the motor blower, belt, airflow indicator, and breathing tube.

C420 PAPR Specifications

   Maximum Flow Rate  130-140 lpm (High or single-speed)
  Power  Battery, LiSO2 BA 5800/U: operates 8 hours. Battery, Rechargeable: operates 4 hours
         Ambient Temperature  -32 to 49°C / -26 to 120°F
  EMI  MIL-STD-461C, Part 4, RE02
  Environmental  Water and dust protection - IP68 (inlet & outlet ports closed)
  Decontamination  Decontaminable – performance not affected adversely
  Expected Working Life of blower  (MTTF) >1,000 hrs (per EA-DTL-1827)

Features & Benefits

  • Respirator provides constant filtered airflow, which reduces fatigue and prevents facepiece fogging
  • Long-life unit provides non-IDLH respiratory protection for up to 8 hours
  • Unit is compatible with MSA's Millennium and Ultra Elite facepieces

The MSA Responder PAPR consist of a combination of the various components for a spec configured system:

1. C420 Motor / Blower Assembly (including choice of mission or rechargeable batteries)
2. Choice of Facepiece – MSA Millennium or Ultra Elite Facepieces
3. Choice of Cartridge – Responder Cartridge, PAPR GME Multi-gas HE, Optifilter XL HE

You must choose C420 PAPR Kit, Facepiece, and Cartridge for a Complete System!

1 - MSA Responder PAPR Kits

 1 - B-60141-030

CRBN PAPR Kit w/30” Breathing Tube + LiSO2 Battery

 2 - B-60141-036

CRBN PAPR Kit w/36” Breathing Tube + LiSO2 Battery

 3 - B-60170-030

CRBN PAPR Kit w/30” Breathing Tube + NiMH Battery

 4 - B-60170-036

CRBN PAPR Kit w/36” Breathing Tube + NiMH Battery

2 - Gas Mask Facepieces





 1 - Millennium Facepiece, Hycar with 6-Point  Elastic Head Harness




 2 - Ultra Elite Facepiece, Hycar with Rubber Head  Harness




 3 - Ultra Elite Facepiece, Hycar with SpeeD-ON  Head Harness




3 - Cartridges

 1 - 10046570

CBRN Canister – Each
The MSA Responder CBRN Cartridge is NIOSH-approved for both PAPR and APR. It contains chemical sorbents and a P100 filter to attract, retain, and neutralize contaminants.

 2 - 496081

OptiFilter XL Cartridge – 6 Pack
The Optifilter XL Type H filter is a HEPA P100 particulate filter that is 99.97% efficient against all aerosols, oily and non-oily. This filter is effective against particulates such as dusts and mists but not poison gases or vapors. The Optifilter XL HE is the right choice for dust filled environments.

 3 - 10072237

PAPR GME Multigas HE Cartridge - Each
The PAPR Multi-gas HE is a combination cartridge that contains the P100 filter and a bed of activated carbon to absorb poison gases and vapors. The cartridge will filter out a broad spectrum of agents such as: acid gases (including chlorine, sulfur dioxide, and chlorine dioxide), and ammonia, formaldehyde, and organic vapors. Choose the PAPR GME Multi-gas HE cartridge for OSHA-regulated chemicals with concentrations greater than the TLV.

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