How 3M Ford Limited-Use Public Health Pandemic PAPR Kit Protects Frontline Workers

We are living in unprecedented times. As nations around the world struggle to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, new societal guidelines, and scarce medical supplies, companies are banding together to explore new ways to help. This is why Jendco Safety Supply is proud to announce the 3M Ford Limited-Use Public Health Pandemic PAPR Kit. Ford, with consulting support from 3M, has developed a new way to help protect healthcare workers from airborne particles. The 3M Ford Limited-Use Public Health Pandemic PAPR Kit is a powered air-purifying respirator designed to provide a constantly filtered airflow to healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As healthcare workers are finding it harder and harder to obtain life-saving medical supplies, companies that are otherwise outside of the medical field are stepping in to help. The Ford 3M Limited-Use Public Health Pandemic PAPR Kit was made in connection with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Emergency Use Authorization to provide additional protection to healthcare workers. The Ford PAPR Kit comes with an integrated filter and a rechargeable battery, which provides up to 10 hours of runtime per use. This ensures that healthcare workers are safer for longer, and are as protected as possible from airborne pathogens. The entire system is cleanable and can be wiped down to prevent contamination when not in use.

The Ford PAPR Kit has an Assigned Protection Factor of 25, to keep healthcare workers safe. The featured blower unit is self-contained, with the motor, battery, and filter all in one place, so there are fewer separate parts to deal with. The Ford PAPR Kit is one of the best ways to keep healthcare workers protected from potential exposure.

Personal protective equipment is absolutely paramount to keeping healthcare professionals safe, and it’s more important than ever. COVID-19 can be transmitted through airborne particles, and as key N95 masks are in short supply, reliable PPE has become all the more critical. Ford’s partnership with 3M to produce the PAPR Kit is indicative of the two company’s dedication to our healthcare heroes.

Jun 05, 2020 Jendco Safety Supply

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