How HexArmor MX200 TruShield 2SF Clear Safety Eyewear & Glasses Prevent Eye Injuries

There are a variety of hazards on every worksite, from dangerous materials to heavy machinery. And while some risks are unique to particular jobs and require specialized safety equipment, nearly all workers need reliable safety glasses to protect their eyes. That’s why Jendco Safety Supply is proud to highlight the HexArmor MX200 TruShield 2SF Clear Safety Eyewear. Contractors, builders and a variety of others all work in environments where their eyes need to be protected from detritus, while using heavy equipment and to protect against eye injuries. WIth the HexArmor MX200 TruShield 2SF Clear Safety Eyewear, they can be sure that no matter what they come across, their eyes are safe.

Eye injuries are among the most common workplace injuries, with an estimated 1,000 eye injuries happening in workplaces dailyaccording to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. As an employer, it’s up to you to provide your workers with the best safety equipment possible to help them avoid a nasty injury. The HexArmor MX200 TruShield 2SF Clear Safety Glasses are made to ensure that workers are protected and comfortable while working.

The HexArmor MX200s feature a clear lens so workers can easily distinguish between colors without removing their glasses, and a rimless design to ensure a wide field of vision. An inside and outside anti-fog and scratch resistant TruShield 2F Coating keeps the lenses fresh and clear, perfect for long term use. Their design allows users to easily go between hot and cold environments without fogging up and needing to remove them, so they can be used all year long. The dual-injection soft-grip side arms are comfortable for long periods of time, and the non-slip fit integrated channel provides ample ventilation for extended periods of time. The HexArmor MX200 TruShield 2SF Clear Safety Eyewear also has a contoured nose bridge for comfort and a clean fit, so workers no longer have to deal with dark marks on the bridge of their noses from heavy, bulky and uncomfortable safety glasses.

The HexArmor MX200 TruShield 2SF Clear Safety Eyewear features beveled lenses to provide additional upper eye protection, and offer 100 percent UV protection for those days out in the sun. Complete with a metal-free hinge design, the HexArmor MX200 are the perfect safety glasses. They are compliant with ANSI Z87.1.2015 and CE EN167 regulations, and can protect your workers from a variety of hazards and dangerous equipment. When employees are working on a site, they need the best protection possible. At Jendco Safety Supply, we offer the best protective equipment and gear to ensure that your workers are safe and effective. 

Oct 27, 2020 Jendco Safety Supply

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