Which Ermator HEPA Dust Extractor is Right for My Job?

Which Ermator HEPA Dust Extractor is Right for My Job?

Ermator Dust Collector

Which Ermator HEPA Dust Extractor is Right for My Job

Comparing Pullman Ermator’s S-Line of HEPA Dust Extractors

A HEPA Dust Extractor not only exhausts perfectly clean air, it is far more efficient for the fast recovery of bulk dry dust, debris and other building materials found on every Construction, Abatement and Restoration jobsite. They can also be connected to electrical power tools to extract the freshly cut and friable concrete dust, considered to be the most hazardous to construction workers. It’s time for you to stop using an ordinary vacuum and step-up to the innovation, performance and the power of a Ermator HEPA Dust Extractor.

Pullman Ermator has a full line of HEPA Dust Extractors to help get the job done. Below we are going to be comparing the S-Line and T-Line from Pullman Ermator.

The S-Line of Dust Extractors are available in a variety of sizes, many with the option of 120 volt or 230 volt. S-Line extractors have a single phase motor, which cost less than the higher-end, but more powerful 3-phase motors.

Ermator’s S-Line dust extractor has filled a big gap in the industrial vacuum market. Until the S-Line was developed, contractors had to make a difficult choice. On the one side, 120V two-motor vacuums were not always powerful enough to pick up dust from grinding.

On the other, three-phase vacuums were too expensive for many contractors, and provided more power than was needed. The solution was the S36, a strong single-phase extractor that can provide the necessary power without breaking the budget.

Ermator’s T-Line of Dust Extractors use more powerful 3-phase motors which help it outperform many other dust extractors in its price range. These more powerful dust extractors have a CFM ranges from 280cfm to 710cfm capacity.

What if you’re not near electric or the jobsite doesn’t allow you to have extension cords past a certain distance? On many construction, abatement and restoration project sites, electric supply can be hard to access or simply not available. Long extension cords or electric generators are cumbersome and often get in the way. The model T8600 is Ermators solution for this. The T8600 is a propane powered HEPA Dust Extractor. It has a powerful 18hp propane engine which translates to 410 CFM and 115” of Waterlift. Since this unit is powered by propane this dust extractor offers contractors with the strength needed for a dust-free environment with the convenience and flexibility of propane power.

The Longopac drop-down disposal system saves them a lot of time and labor. Essentially the Longopac is an flexible and endless bagging system. The unique Longopac system allows disposal into about 25 individually sealed bags. These bags are easily changed and tie-clipped after dust extraction. Competing dust extractors require workers to bring the dust extractor away from the work site to empty a bucket of concrete dust, but with the S26’s Longopac system you can do a bag change in 15 seconds without having to bring the vacuum outside. And, it is 100% dust free! 

The filter cleaning system is another labor saving feature. Ermator’s exclusive Jet Pulse system allows the operator to purge the filter without opening the vacuum. Below we have the specs for the different lines and different model Ermator Dust Extractors.

S-Line HEPA Dust Extractors

  S13 S26 S36 S1400
Volts 120 / 230 120 / 230 120 / 230 120
CFM 129 CFM 258 CFM 353 CFM 138 CFM
HP 1.7 HP 3.4 HP 5.1 HP 2.2 HP
Amps 9 / 4.5 18 / 9 18 / 14.8 13.5
Water Lift 100” 100” 110” 110”
Weight 78 lbs 137 lbs 198 lbs 95 lbs
Phases 1 1 1 1
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T-Line HEPA Dust Extractors

  T4000 T7500 T8600 T10000 T15000 T18000
Volts 230 230 480 480 230 480
CFM 280 CFM 353 CFM 353 CFM 480 CFM 647 CFM 710 CFM
HP 5 HP 10.4 HP 11.9 HP 13 HP 16 HP 18 HP
Amps 14.8 24.2 14 16 42 28
Water Lift 125” 110” 100” 120” 140” 140”
Weight 185 548 lbs 439 lbs 845 lbs 905 lbs 905 lbs
Phases 3 3 3 3 3 3
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T-Line Propane (T8600 Propane)

Volts n/a
HP 18 HP
Amps n/a
Water Lift 115”
Weight 675 lbs
Phases n/a


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Dec 06, 2016 David Jarvis

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