Why the AIRE GUARDIAN® Mobile Dust Containment Cart AG8000 by Abatement Technologies is No Match for Airbourne Particles

Jendco Safety Supply is proud to announce that the Aire Guardian AG8000 Mobile Dust Containment Cart makes maintenance and construction on potentially hazardous ceiling cavities safer than ever. Hospital renovations and maintenance can pose a serious health risk of exposing sensitive patients and staff to dangerous airborne particles. It’s imperative to control those areas of work, and limit cross contamination to ensure the health and wellness of those nearby.

The Aire Guardian AG8000 Mobile Construction Containment Enclosure from Abatement Technologies is the perfect solution to compartmentalize threatening dust particles to the work area. Hospital contractors agree, The AG8000 Mobile Dust Containment Cart substantially increases productivity, and its rapid ROI helps pays for itself.

When deciding on maintenance dust solutions, it’s important to take into account requirements and guidelines. Not all dust containment products are created equal. The AG8000 Mobile Dust Containment Cart helps healthcare construction comply with the Joint Commission audited and enforced ICRA construction guidelines, and mitigate any potentially dangerous exposure. Infection control risks can be extremely high for healthcare construction, and complying with ICRA Construction Guidelines is key to managing those risks.

The AG8000 Mobile Dust Containment Cart is the best choice when dealing with hospital ceiling construction. The unique upper header allows workers unparalleled access above ceiling tiles, while maintaining safety parameters and OSHA Compliance. The height can be adjusted easily by just one worker with an included hand-crank or a power drill, and can access any ceiling up to 10 ft. The AG8000 Mobile Dust Containment Cart features a 900 lb load, with secure locking casters. It also includes a 16 ft, three section Fiberglass Extension Ladder.

The AG8000 Mobile Dust Containment Cart is ideal for many different healthcare maintenance jobs.

  • Ceiling tile or grid replacement
  • Cable installation
  • Electrical equipment
  • HVAC equipment and ductwork
  • Hospital automation systems
  • Lighting equipment
  • And more

The AG8000 Mobile Dust Containment Cart is stable, durable, and effective. The hard sides makes it ideally suited to construction work for years to come. It features a full perimeter header gasket for an airtight seal against a ceiling grid, and its unique structure provides ladder support at the ceiling. The built in top cover allows the cart’s interior to be fully sealed off while the cart is transported. Ladder brackets, straps and recessed floor pockets ensure that workers will be safe and locked into place while on the job.

The AG8000 Mobile Dust Containment Cart’s unique design provides stability and security, and is in accordance with current HEPA filter standards. The AG8000 provides a user friendly, mobile, safe work environment for contractors and construction specialists. When paired with a PAS600 Portable Air Scrubber, the AG8000 becomes impregnable, fulfilling and exceeding hospital infection control department requirements and NFPA life safety codes. The AG8000 Mobile Dust Containment Cart’s durable design, ease of use and safety features make it necessary for any healthcare maintenance. 

Oct 30, 2019 Jendo Safety Supply

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